Rules and Regulations


As a condition of participation in this event all officers, employees, members, agents and representatives of the LTHCC are hereby released from all claims, demands or causes of action of any kind of nature whatsoever, whether now existing or hereafter accrue, on account of any damage, cost of expense (i) as a result of any bodily injury, loss or damage to any animal, equipment or other personal property, from any cause whatsoever, and (ii) as a result of the interpretation of enforcement of the NCHA or the LTHCC and its Directors, its Constitution, Bylaws, Rules or Regulations and the risk of any such damage, cost or expense which may occur by reason of foregoing is hereby assumed and accepted. This waiver is binding on the undersigned as well as all riders, grooms, and other helpers associated with the participation of the horse(s) described herein in this event and the undersigned indemnifies the LTHCC from all claims, demands or causes of action based on any of the foregoing.

Buckle Series Rules

A trophy buckle will be awarded to the highest aggregate of a LTHCC member for two of their three shows in:

  • Rookies

  • 7500 Non Pro

  • Snaffle Bit

  • Youth

  • 15000 Non Pro 

  • Open Non Pro

The aggregate begins once you pay your membership.

Memberships are due 1 July – 30 June

Intro to Cutting & Station Cutting

Day Member Fees

All Day Member Fee’s - $22.00 (You have to be either an NCHA member or become a day member to ride within the arena, this includes lopers!)


All incidents must be reported to the show management during the sshow.


Must be span>booked and paid in advance. $25.00 a night..


Must be span>booked and paid for in advance - $15.00 a night including a refundable $25.00 cleaning fee. Approx.28 yards available. Tape yards permitted, BUT to be erected in area behind arena. DO NOT erect tape yards in front of arena – you will be asked to move!!!


No parking span>zones will be marked accordingly.

There is no parking permitted on the lawn area in and beside the large green Expo shed. You will be requested to move if you do park there.


All competitors are required to clean up after theirspan lang="EN-US"> horses.

All manure and hay must be picked up and placed in the bucket of the tractor or trailer provided. If the bucket is full, please alert a committee member and it will be emptied. Anybody leaving a mess will incur a $25.00 cleaning fee.